My Response to the WHO report “Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat” is here.

There is a growing feeling that something in the American agricultural system has gone badly awry. The number of farms is dwindling, rural employment opportunities are limited, concerns are rising about animal welfare, treatment of workers and pollution of land and water. At the same time our industrial food supply is leading to a human health crisis with obesity, diabetes, liver disease and health care costs all rising steeply.

There is a growing numbers of farmers, artisans and craftsman trying to buck this trend. We are your local CSA farmers. We are your local butchers. We are your local timber framers. We believe in a true revolution in how rural products in this country are produced, a revolution that will put treatment of animals, people, soil, water and air on equal footing with the bottom line. We are the barbarians at the gate.

The challenge is epic and seemingly unwinnable. But this type of revolution always seems untenable before a tipping point is reached. If I didn’t believe we could win I wouldn’t be in this fight.

I am the co-owner of The Piggery in Ithaca, New York. I am a pig farmer and butcher and entrepreneur and eternal optimist. This blog will document the revolution as it pertains to pigs, great pigs, old fashioned, outdoorsy pigs with firm fat.

We’re going to fight and we’re going to win. Read on.

Series 1: Firm Pork This series is devoted to the implications of soft, greasy pork – typically caused by increased pro-inflammatory linoleic acid – and how to avoid it. We look at changes in feeds, changes in hog genetics and the effects on human health.

Series 2: Small Farm Economics This series talks about the economics of farming and food processing, how it has changed historically, and the effects this has on meat quality, human health and societal health.

Series 2: Human Health Meat might prevent diabetes! And so much more…