Eating Red Meat May Prevent Diabetes (Part 1)


The first article in this series was a response to a report from the World Health Organization regarding the possible but unlikely carcinogenicity of red meat. I think overall it was a well-written article and it began the conversation here about the general lack of science in main stream nutritional science, which is important. […]

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WHO Response: A Plea For Science


So I’ve been building these pig forts. I’m making them out of saplings in the hedgerows. They’re cheap to build and the pigs seem to like them. It’s a lot of work but winter is coming and the herd is growing. In fact, I should be out there getting the farm […]

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The Economic Argument for Pastured Pork

Many believe that the reason the Amish don’t use tractors is a religious one or that they are simply luddites. The truth is actually much more rooted in the economy of their society. A tractor is a tool that allows a single farmer to increase the amount of acreage they can farm. […]

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The Agricultural Great Depression

Intro: This is my introductory post in my series on small farm economics. It sets the historical table, if you will. Talking about niche, premium products and fair prices for farmers and all of that is all well and good, but I think it’s important to have the historical perspective of how we […]

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They Changed the Pigs!!

This is the fourth post in my firm pork series.

The theme of this series is the relationship between pork fat (lard) and the liver-punishing polyunsaturated fat linoleic acid, the main component in most vegetable oils. I’ve seen lards reported having a content as low as 2.5% and as high as 30% of this damaging […]

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Your Liver on Vegetable Oil

The debate concluded with agreement by all that we need a randomized controlled trial to compare the effect of low and high intakes of LA. The trial should have typical US intakes of omega-3 PUFAs, with 7.5% energy from LA (the current US intake) in one group and 2.0% LA (historical intake) in the other. […]

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Historical Trends in Pork Firmness

In bacon production, a common source of trouble arises from the softness of the sides. There is a certain firmness to the fat, a freedom from greasiness and softness which is absolutely essential in No. 1 bacon. In the production of bacon the feeds entering into the ration must be carefully chosen. The use of […]

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Brad’s Firm Pork Primer

This series of posts grew out of a pamphlet I circulated to fellow hog farmers early this spring.  For years I’ve been stressing the importance of “firm, barley fed” pork to farmers, customers, feed mills and anyone else who will listen.  Soft pork is a threat to humanity I would always say.  Over the winter […]

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